Companion Genomics is a telehealth and software company providing innovative clinical care pathways engineered to improve efficiency and reduce or contain expenditure.  Our point of care applications streamline the patient intake process, improve patient education and compliance, support medical policy for shared decision making, and offer a tamper evident audit trail of informed consent.  With a significant amount of clinical or technical staff time spent of preauthorizing tests and administrative functions, our clinical and billing workflows offer a scalable and cost efficient solution for care management.

Point of Care Applications

Expecting Parents

Information For You About Your Prenatal Genetic Testing Options

Genetic Carrier Screening

Preconception and During Pregnancy

Hereditary Cancer Screening

Hereditary cancers, including breast, ovarian, colon, and pancreatic cancer

Companion Genomics offers Genetic Counseling Services through our TeleCounseling Application

  • HIPAA-Compliant dual video conferencing
  • Interactive document upload and sharing
  • Note-taking capability
  • Flexible scheduling for patient convenience
  • Family members can attend the session remotely from different locations
  • Sessions can be recorded and stored as requested


The following Pre-Authorization tools are available after you LOGIN:


  • Submit a Pre-Authorization Request
  • Track Pre-Authorizations
  • Results of Pre-Authorization Requests
  • Library of CPT and ICD10 Codes

The Application
What It Does

Health Insurance Preauthorization

▪ Compliance with medical policy.
▪ Patient awareness of out of pocket cost prior to testing.

Family History and Genetic Intake

▪ Provides physicians with
a comprehensive patient risk profile
for real time care management.

Patient Education

▪ Ensures that patient fully
understands scope of testing.

E-Informed Consent

▪ Shared decision making and clinical support.
▪ Patient has the required elements to make an informed decision with her healthcare provider.
▪ Electronic audit trail of the informed consent.

Cohesive Data Collection

▪ For quality assurance and
future clinical research.

How It Works

Step 1: Your Doctor Visit

During your doctor visit, either your doctor or a healthcare provider will discuss your screening and testing options and provide you with instructions to use the bas-IL App.

How It Works

Step 2: Your Health Insurance Preauthorization

After logging into the bas-IL App via a secure server, we will ask you to provide your updated insurance information so that we can confirm test coverage with your health plan.

We will let you and your doctor know if the test is covered and the estimated amount of your out of pocket costs.

How It Works

Step 3: Your Family History Intake

By completing your family history intake form, your doctor will be able to ensure that you are offered appropriate testing.

How It Works

Step 4: Pre-Test Patient Education

Before consenting to having testing, your doctor would like to ensure that you understand what the test does and does not do.

By viewing the interactive video, you will gain a better understanding of the test advantages and limitations.

Hyperlinks are available throughout the video if you want additional information on a given topic.

Additional patient information is available on our site by clicking on any of the Point of Care Applications and Knowledge Portal.

How It Works

Step 5: Electronic Informed Consent

You will be able to either consent or decline to testing when signing the Informed Consent Form with your healthcare provider.

This can be done either face to face with your healthcare provider or using audiovisual.

How It Works

Step 6: Laboratory Test Results

A laboratory test requisition will be generated which you can print and present to have your bloods drawn. Test results would then be returned to your doctor in time for your next appointment.